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by Gerald Huth on August 22, 2005

From today’s New York Times and the piece “In Explaining Life’s Complexity….” and the intelligent design controversy… this work brings into focus the idea that the connection between the simple physical dimensions(or size) of a single, or at most two, genetically expressed proteins of receptor inner segments together with the laws of the refraction of light form the basis for vision. In understanding vision one never had to conjure up a “design of a complex color receptor” explanation. And further.. this is only one tiny microscopic step in the eons-long sequence of similar steps using molecular self-organization (for which the principles are well understood!) that we term “evolution”. Scientists have themselves partially to blame for the current controversey by inadvertently invoking the idea of “design” when they don’t get to the heart of the physical processes involved and “short cut” understanding by inventing complexity in overarching entities such as “color receptors” of the retina… that never existed!


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