Technology is changing people’s lives to a much broader aspect. It will affect your life positively. But wait! It influences your life negatively too. Technology will allow your everyday tasks to be convenient, which were tough before. 

Moreover, you may have seen how technology has evolved in farms making it more accessible to build various cities. The economies are growing rapidly with the advent of technology. Let us see in detail how technology affects life.

Positive effects of technology

You will find technology as providing a positive impact on your life. The effects include:

In agriculture

Before technology has evolved in the world, ancient techniques were used for farming. Manual labor and animals work to produce the real outcomes. But now new technology features modern technologies and machines for efficient and quick working.

Enhanced Transportation

It is possible to walk and reach your destination, but the buses, boats, and cars make it easier for people to reach the desired destinations with new technology.

Improved communication

New technology is playing a vital role in communication. The effective messaging system via apps, phone calls, and emails allows people to communicate with their family and friends from miles away.

The highly effective learning process

Nowadays, learning features high visualization and programming along with effective skills to demonstrate the students. 

Negative effects of technology 

However, when there are positive effects, you will also find some negative effects of technology, including:

Resource depletion

When there is an increase in the use of new technologies, the natural resources will deplete. There will be more use of food sources and other minerals as well as fossil fuels.


New technologies are crucial for the correct helping of people nowadays. Well, here in this article, we have explained how technology is affecting your life. Please read it carefully to get the best knowledge.